• What are your Opening Hours?
    Our opening hours do vary with season, with us adding both Monday and Wednesday afternoons at the height of the holidays. We keep the information on our Contact page up-to-date.
  • How do we find you?
    We are on Rock Road between Clock Garage and Pityme. There is a map and more instructions on our Find Us Page.
  • Why do you not have a stock list on the website?
    Our stock can vary significantly during each day, and prices change very regularly. Trying to keep up with all that on the website when we can not sell these goods effectively by mail order would mean adding the cost of many hours labour, or very expensive equipment into our prices for little benefit to you, the customer.
  • Do you deliver, and if so to where?
    We do not currently offer delivery services.
  • Do we need to visit you or can we settle any outstanding bills online?
    You have to visit the shop to pay any outstanding amounts. As we do not deliver, doing e-commerce would only reflect in higher costs, not lower ones.